Garden Graffiti

dropletsWe had many decisions to make when we built our home several years ago. One thing I was certain of, was that I wanted to see as much of the garden as possible from my happy place – the kitchen.

From my stove, I look onto old trees, young olive trees, roses and a somewhat unruly lavender hedge. The kitchen is open plan onto the dining and living area; opening onto the garden and pool area. The third side opens onto what I call my ‘kitchen courtyard’. Glass doors enclose a cosy gravel space with some concrete paving stones, a small mosaic-topped iron table and two chairs.

Grey pots house burgundy Iceberg roses and spinach that I never planted. I start my vegetable seedlings in trays that drip onto each other on a delicate stand. A pot of basil is flourishing and a cucumber is balancing on a plant that I forgot to move to the veggie patch.

Inspired by something I saw on Pintrest many moons ago, I decided to ‘graffiti’ the paving stones in this courtyard.

I chose the wording, and cut a stencil on some black board using the Silhouette Cameo cutter.stencil

You can use a home printer and cut the stencil using a craft knife.

Wash the paving stones well and allow to dry. Stick down the stencil firmly in place – be sure to secure all the little bits. I used Prestik and Cellotape. Tape down some newspaper around the stencil.

Using Rust-Oleum Never Wet, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, spraying the base coat on well, leaving to dry for 30 minutes and then spraying on 2-3 layers of the top coat. Allow it to set for an additional 30 minutes and remove the stencil.

As this is not a high traffic area, and I expect that it will last a few months. If it fades, I can re-do it with a different stencil.

When it rains, the paving stones get wet, revealing the dry ‘graffiti’.

It makes me happy.



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