Mafia/Godfather Party

A milestone birthday calls for a bit more fuss than usual. This year we had a Mafia theme for Hubby’s birthday, based on The Godfather movies. Loads of fun went into the preparation for the décor. We shifted furniture around to create two long tables. Black and white runners, lots of candles and red roses added to the atmosphere.

The paper roses are really simple to make. I cut 6 rough circles from an A4 sheet of paper and then cut a spiral. From the outside in, roll the rose and glue onto the remaining ‘base’. To hang them, I threaded gut through the centre of the rose and tied them to the lights and across the centre of the room. Some were randomly scattered on the tables.

We used a Cameo Silhouette cutter for some photo booth props, cigars and Tommy guns that went onto the tables as well as the bow ties that I glued onto glass bottles with ribbon for the fresh roses. Paper serviettes were folded into bowties and placed in the centre of the underplates.


A crime scene body outline, with evidence numbers, was taped off, as the guests came toward the front door, and a piñata of the famous horse’s head, hung near the front door.

Quotes from the movies were printed in Corleone Blue font and framed on the tables. Photos of the men were placed onto a corkboard FBI list with yellow sticky notes.

We covered Rolo’s in brown paper and placed PJ’s face onto the ‘cigar’ label and lined them up in a lovely wooden box.


On the menu we had beef lasagne, butter roasted rosemary potatoes, paprika and lemon chicken, salsiccia with grapes, butternut and gorgonzola lasagne (these two dishes were inspired – with some variation – on recipes by Secret Jozi Chef) green salad, Caprese salad and a cabbage, fennel and grapefruit salad. The dessert table included Amaretto Semifreddo, Chocolate and peanut butter ice cream, meringues (because there are always egg whites left from making ice cream), hot BarOne Sauce with Vanilla ice cream, fresh fruit platter and of course the cake- which was a pile of ‘blood money’. Natalya transferred PJ’s face into a $1000 bill and this was printed onto an edible sheet by Kadie’s bakery supplies. The dripping ‘blood’ was coloured white chocolate.


Thank you to all who contributed, the love and the laughter, and especially my family for your support always xxx

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