Mississippi Mudpie

If you search the internet for Mississippi mudpie, recipes vary in terms of adding coffee, whether to make a biscuit base or pastry or how many layers it should have. One thing is standard – a fudgy layer of chocolate deliciousness. This is my super easy version, it turns out really well, and there is … More Mississippi Mudpie


Hummus is a dip that is found across the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa, and is now popular across the world. Not only is it found alongside pita bread and chicken or lamb kebabs, but is a wonderful dip for crudités. It can replace butter or mayonnaise in a wrap or sandwich, and it … More Hummus

Trolley Makeover

This trolley is so handy to have alongside the dining table for ice, drinks and extra glasses. It was a little scuffed with very tired and outdated plastic handles. I was really indecisive on a colour and whether I should stencil it or not. I eventually settled on a dark navy, which I am a … More Trolley Makeover